Distance Education

The Distant course is now closed for registration.

It will open June 1, 2018 for the 2018-2019 education year.

The MDRAO Distance Course is for those seeking a Medical Device Reprocessing Course outside of Ontario.

Only non-Ontario students will be considered for distance education.

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The MDRAO Distance Course is for those seeking a Medical Device Reprocessing Course outside the province of Ontario.

Registration can be done any time from June 1st 2017 to Feb 1st 2018.
No Registrations will be taken after February 1st 2018

Start date begins when the student registers for the course.

The course must be completed in the three-month time frame. No extensions are permitted. Assistance is available with the MDRAO Director of Education.

Price includes the 4th edition of the MDRAO Medical Device Reprocessing Manual and Workbook.

The MDRAO Distance Course is a CSA recognized prerequisite to write the CMDRT Exam.

The exam is written online with online proctoring. The student MUST have access to a web cam for the final exam.

Important Information

Registration Criteria

  • Grade 12 education or equivalent. (Proof may be required.)
  • The student must be employed in a health care setting.

Exam Information

  • The exam consists of 100 true/false and multiple-choice questions.
  • A mark of 70% must be achieved on the exam.
    If unsuccessful, the student can re-write the exam only once for a fee of $200.00. The office MUST be contacted immediately as the re-write must be written within a three week time frame from the date of the initial exam.
  • The exam is written online with an online proctor. Student must have access to a web cam for the final exam

Refund Policy

  • No registration refunds or substitutions for registered students will be permitted. All payments are final and non-refundable. Once you pay for the course, you shall not be given a refund, regardless of method of payment (including credit card payments). You shall not be given a refund if you fail to complete the course or fail to write the final exam, due to any circumstances.


  • Students will receive a receipt. The receipt is the confirmation email that is received by PayPal. This receipt is the only receipt that is sent
  • The office does not keep copies of these receipts so keep them to be used at a later date for income tax purposes.
  • The MDRAO does not provide government receipts for tax purposes, this is a not for profit organization.


  • The student will receive a certificate of completion from the office, three weeks after the final exam has been written. The certificate of completion will be dated with the month and year of the course. Certification remains valid for five years.

Payment Changes

  • There will be NO mail or fax option. All registrations for all courses will be completed online.